There are good days in sales and there are challenging days. It is an everyday journey. The stress of living and selling yourself as a sales professional today requires us to have focus and stress reduction techniques that may be used throughout the day during every buying and selling encounter. We all must look at our business mindset and the sales process in a different way.

When you integrate mindfulness and sales you become more effective and profitable. Mindfulness is being present in the moment, without judgment. Use mindfulness to increase sales by:

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety
  • Creating Focus
  • Reducing Overwhelm
  • Increasing Memory
  • Improving Health & Happiness

Center While Meet & Greet: Mindful Sales Practice 2 of 7

The pace of life today is constructed in such a way that many of us feel compelled to stay in motion. As sales professionals, often the perception is that the faster we move, the more we will be rewarded. A Mindful Sales professional has control and understands the power of when to sit still. It is said: “Be still and know.” Centering is the process of bringing your awareness back into your body.

The idea of a centered, mindful meeting with a customer sets the foundation for your sales experience. A professional greeting is simple and positive. This is an opportunity to spend time talking about anything other than your product or service. Meet the customer where they are. Did they travel a far distance to meet with you? Are they in the middle of a busy project at work? What is happening in their personal life? If you just met a person, it may be difficult to get past pleasantries; however, many times the best question to ask someone when you see them is, “How are you?”

When you invest time in meeting and greeting a customer, you will learn something that will allow you to connect in a more meaningful and substantive way.

How to integrate mindfulness into this step 

Every relationship has a beginning. Choose your greeting carefully and start with something like, “Hello, my name is…” This is not the time or place for cheesy pick up lines. The best greeting is simple and establishes respect and professionalism.

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Eric Szymanski is a C-Suite Network Advisor and an award-winning co-author of Sell More, Stress Less: 52 Tips to Become a Mindful Sales Professional. He is an American hospitality industry professional with extensive sales & marketing leadership experience. Eric has demonstrated success in leading high-performing sales teams through planning, implementing and monitoring actionable sales and marketing plans at hotels and resorts of all sizes, including city-center, convention district, airport and attractions areas. He has a proven track record of success at all levels through the achievement of both individual and team goals for several 1st tier, globally recognized brands such as Disney, Marriott, Hilton & Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

Throughout his career, Eric has created authentic, world-class experiences while volunteering at all levels in several meetings industry associations. In 2018, Eric was recognized with the top individual sales award in the convention sales division at The Walt Disney Company. In 2002, he was recognized as Caterer of the Year by the Orlando, Florida Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives. He is an avid runner, choral music performer & father of twin daughters who entered college in the fall of 2019.