Mindfulness Emcee

Mindfulness Emcees

Every event needs someone to keep the event flowing and on time. Holly does this while infusing 2-5 minute mindfulness exercises that help audiences to be present and not on their phone.

You have bodies in the room, but do you have their full attention? Your event attendees are stressed, exhausted, and excited to attend your event. Holly Duckworth, CMP, CWMF is the only emcee that is also a credentialed mindfulness expert. Are your attendees truly present? Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present. She uses neuroscience and secular mindfulness techniques to bring the full attention – heads, hearts, ears, eyes, and minds of your attendees into the room. Holly reduces any attendee stress and anxiety to put them in a mental space to fully participate in your meeting or conference. As a speaker, trainer, and former meeting planner Holly’s ability to read the room, manage the energy and create connections assures you deliver on your in-person or virtual meeting objectives. Holly’s work helps them leave the busyness behind to truly focus on the speakers, learnings, and experiences you have curated for them. When you hire Holly your audiences are engaged, productive, and focused delivering you better meeting outcomes.

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