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At Leadership Solutions International (LSI), we feature senior and highly respected consultants in the fields of Mindfulness, Leadership Development, and Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing. With over 20 years of experience across multiple industries including meetings, hospitality, travel, and tourism industries. We also feature renowned thought leaders, writers, seminar developers/presenters and keynote speakers at a variety of events across the world. LSI has conducted training and C-suite professional coaching & for leaders around the globe. Our consultants are often quoted in trade journals and industry publications.  Holly Duckworth, CEO is a New York Times contributor, award-winning author, and host of Everyday Mindfulness Podcast.

Holly Duckworth

Mindfulness Expert

The practice of being present in the moment, without judgement.

Eric Szymanski

Sales & CX Expert

There are only seven steps in the professional sales process.

Everyday Mindfulness Show

Discover thought-provoking and engaging conversations on everyday mindfulness – topics include meditation, spirituality, personal passions, relationships and much more.

Mindful Sales Professional

Learn how to become a Mindful Sales Professional to improve your customer experience and give clients a reason to do business with you.


Inspired to take your customer experience, CX to the next level?

Developing authentic, world-class customer experiences (CX) depends on being able to ask and answer the right customer-centric questions. Download our guide on how to create and/or improve your organization’s CX customer experience strategy.

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