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With over 20 years of combined experience, Leadership Solutions International (LSI) has brought together the best, most highly respected consultants in the fields of Mindfulness, Leadership Development, and Sales.

We serve burned out, pandemic exhausted leaders in the banking, health care, and real estate industries. Leaders looking to live and work in more prosperous ways. Our applied mindfulness training results in mindful employee experiences, improved customer experiences, and higher sales revenue while offering personal success. We offer courses, community, and consulting on applied mindful leadership and sales.

Mindfulness Courses

Experience the power of mindful living through these online courses based on our best-selling books.

7 Practices to be a Mindful Leader

Sell More; Stress Less

7 Practices to be a Mindful Leader

A New Design for Living

7 Practices to be a Mindful Leader

Lead Now

Holly Duckworth

Mindfulness Expert

The practice of being present in the moment, without judgement.

Eric Szymanski

Sales Expert

There are only seven steps in the professional sales process.

Everyday Mindfulness Show

Discover thought-provoking and engaging conversations on everyday mindfulness – topics include meditation, spirituality, personal passions, relationships and much more.

Mindful Sales Professional

Learn how to become a Mindful Sales Professional to improve your customer experience and give clients a reason to do business with you.


7 Practices to be a Mindful Sales Professional

7 Practices to be a Mindful Sales Professional

When you integrate mindfulness and sales you become more effective and profitable.