What is Mindful Sales Training?

Mindful Sales is a business philosophy that celebrates your desire for high-level achievement as a sales professional with a consciousness so you can attain both without losing your mind.

Our proven process – when activated on a regular, consistent basis – helps you take better care of your sales professionals. As a result, your sales professionals take better care of your customers which ultimately leads bigger and better sales.

Mindful Sales increases your sales by:

Reducing your stress and anxiety

Creating focus

Reducing overwhelm

Increasing memory

Improving health and happiness

Together Holly Duckworth & Eric Syzmanski bring more than 40 years of combined sales and mindfulness experience. They have a way of making sales, an often-intimidating process, simple and approachable. Discover Mindful Sales for yourself, and see why being mindful matters.

Holly Duckworth & Eric Szymanski

Who are you BEING when you are SELLING?

Being mindful will distinguish your professionalism and will raise your close rate.

  • Learn strategies to improve focus to be more present with your clients.
  • Read stories of sales conversions with mindful experiences.
  • Gain insights on how to ask the right questions to better qualify potential business opportunities.
  • Set a positive mindset to affirm your highest and best outcomes.
  • Ask the questions that will provide better awareness.
  • Slow down to speed up with a tip, question and affirmation to focus your sales process in each week for an entire year.

If you are ready to think differently and bring effective well-being to every day in the week, this is the book for you.

Book Awards

This book won many awards, see the award badges below!

Holly Duckworth

30 Days to Drive & Thrive

In a time of a global pandemic, there is no time for panic.

Your executive presence matters now more than ever. How will you set the energy for your team that is honest, transparent and mindful? This book offers you a daily 2-5 minute reading, opportunity to center and set an intention to inspire your mindset. Written by Holly Duckworth C-Suite Advisor on Mindful Leadership.

Praise for Sell More, Stress Less

So excited for this book that I bought one for everyone at my company!

After reading the first 3-4 chapters, I decided everyone at my company needed a copy – sales, customer success, operations, and the board of directors. This book is an absolute game-changer if you are in sales, or you have anything to do with sales (like any other role at a company)!

– Chad Burmeister

As a strategy director, I was blown away by a book focused for sales professionals, yet it seemed to be directed to me!! What I see in the practices to be a mindful sales professional are practices for anyone whose leadership role includes advocacy or selling ideas. Visualizing, affirmation, keeping positive and focusing intention on positive results, should all be a part of reaching our goals, whether in sales or strategy. I’m keeping it close by to work through all the tips.

– TJ Johnson

I love this book! It’s a refreshing approach to the sales process that keeps your mind in the game. Bravo to the authors for thinking about the whole person vs. just the bottom line.

– Beth Ziesenis

Speaking Reel – Eric Szymanski and Holly Duckworth

Watch Eric Syzmanski and Holly Duckworth speak from a clip of their Keynote talk, ‘How To Increase Your Strength & Stamina As A Mindful Sales Professional’. In the clip, Eric discusses the importance of mindfulness when it comes to sales, while Holly discusses the connection between moving your body and moving your mind.

Video Testimonials

Karla Merrell

Ian Black

Carrie Zimmerman

Who are you BEING when you are SELLING?

7 Practices to be a Mindful Sales Professional

When you integrate mindfulness and sales you become more effective and profitable.

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Who are you BEING when you are SELLING?

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Who are you BEING when you are SELLING?

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